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Frequently Asked Questions     

At I.T.S I look forward to answering your questions, I have selected some of the most popular questions I receive and hope that these answers will give you some insight on personal training and the value it carries.

Q: What is more important cardiovascular training or weight training? 

A: Regular exercise is an important factor in a weight management plan. Exercise increases muscle mass because the muscles grow upon their demand. This growth of muscle boosts the metabolism and reduces fat as a individual becomes more lean. Cardiovascular exercise promotes caloric expenditure and reduces body fat thru a deficit.  The combination of the two increases the lean muscle mass and decreases fat mass simultaneously making both components important in any fitness regime.                                                                                     

Q: What is a Personal Trainer? 

A: A personal trainer is a teacher, coach, advisor, supervisor and a supporter for the client.

Q: Do I really need a trainer?   

A: Statistics Canada states that 78% of Canadians set goals, yet fail to achieve them. This is where a Personal Trainer can help. According to studies, having a Personal Trainer can assist you  not on when designing a program to meet your needs but also helps to keep you motivated and passionate about your goal.

Q: Am I to old to start to workout?          

A: Surprisingly this is a question I get often. You are never too old to start to work out. A solid building component is the base to any efficient program. Frequency, Intensity, Type and Time. The key is to finding a trainer that has experience in working with aging population and has the knowledge of how to modify exercise styles to fit your current health status. In addition it is appropriate to work on balance and coordination that would be used in performing (ADL Activities of daily living. In other words, it is more beneficial to work on functional activities during training both in cardiovascular flexibility and strength.

Q: I am afraid I will hurt myself, how do I prevent injuring myself?                 

A: Educate d yourself on injuries,  properly warm -up, listen to your body, focus on muscle balance, seek professional advice sooner then latter, modify your exercises upon your physical abilities.

Q: Is there really a fat burning  zone? 

    A: The most important concept here is that we rarely use  fat as a source of fuel for exercise. Therefore when we exercise we are burning fuel not fat. The goal is to burn as much fuel as possible during exercise. By causing caloric deficit the calorie deficit then needs to be made up later by breaking down stored body fat and not from the food we eat. By exercising as hard as possible and as long as possible you will maximize the number of calories burned.       

Q: I am a beginner, how do many set and reps would I start with on strength training program ?

A: Beginners- It is recommended that a new exercisers begin with only 1 set of 12-15 reps because they have very little experience. Also because there has been very  little use of certain muscle groups it is important to build gradually to avoid muscle strain, pain of sudden over use.

Q: Do you offer payment plans?   

A: Yes  we offer medicard, you can choose from a fixed monthly payment or credit card. This type of service provides you with fast, simple and convenient care. 

Q: Do you except debit and credit cards?

A: Yes

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